Exploring: Ben Cab Museum


The wonderful art in Ben Cab Museum served as the perfect backdrop for the opening and closing spiels for my lifestyle/travel show, #TrendingWithKelly. Of course, I had to take photos for my blog as well. Both outfits are from my show’s clothing sponsor, H&M (except the grey coat, which I got from Mango last season. For my shoes, the pointed lace ups are from Vince Camuto, and the white sneakers are from Tretorn, which are available at Res Toe Run.


3 stylish bags to fit my busy working mom lifestyle

It’s funny, I always believed that when I would become a mom my life and career would slow down to a halt. I was so sure that brands wouldn’t hire me anymore and that I would spend the rest of my days as a stay-at-home-mom and blogger. Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. My life now is actually busier than it was before, not just because I have a baby to take care of, but because work has been pouring in. I cant complain, because I love what I’m doing. I just never imagined that it would be like this, and I just feel incredibly blessed to be able to do it all and more.

Well, the reality is not all things that’s supposed to be done is finished and there are days when I just want to sleep for a week. But every morning I wake up with renewed energy (no matter how little sleep I have) and that for me is a clear sign that I am doing the right thing.

Because I am usually doing a million and one things in a day, I have to be sure I’m dressed for any occasion. My day takes me from shoots to meetings to errands and more, and most of the time I bring my little one with me. My bag needs to be stylish and comfortable, and it needs to be able to carry everything from my essentials: my wallet, mobile phone, planner, and makeup kit; Tristan’s snacks and toys; and my nursing cover. Yes, I carry A LOT of things everyday, and I need them all, so my purse has to keep up with my lifestyle.

I recently discovered Avon Designed by Jodi bag collection, which is composed of three stylish bags to suit every active woman’s lifestyle. I’ve been using them for two weeks straight and it has been with me to my Pilates classes, errands, meetings and shoots. First of all, I love how spacious the bags are–they fit everything I need, including sometimes an extra t-shirt (for those spills and little accidents). And they are durable and made well, which I think says a lot about Avon. Oh, and now I am an even bigger fan of Jodi Sta Maria, because these bags are stylish and chic! Scroll down to see how I incorporated it into my wardrobe.

5 reasons why Misibis Bay should be your next family travel destination

I was recently asked by one of my followers in Instagram if I can recommend any baby-friendly beach resorts in the Philippines, as she was planning a vacation for her family. I thought about it and quickly came up with a list (which I decided deserves its own blog post–SOON). This was, of course, based on my recent experiences traveling with my husband and toddler Tristan.

Misibis Bay was one of the resorts that immediately came to mind, as my last trip was super fun and memorable. I was there to shoot for my lifestyle and travel show: #TrendingWithKelly, at the same time it was a family trip because I brought Tristan with me. Actually, I bring Tristan with me to all my trips because I am still breastfeeding, but not all the places we go to are family friendly (I realized this after we were done filming Season One). Needless to say, Misibis Bay gets high points from me, because they really pulled all the stops to ensure my family had a great vacation.

For those of you who don’t know where Misibis Bay is, well, it is in the exclusive enclave of Cagraray Island in Bacacay, Albay. To get here, to need to book a flight to Legaspi City, and from the airport Misibis Bay staff will pick you up and bring you to the resort with one of their vans. Everything from the flight (unless it is delayed) to the transfer is seamless. It is usually super quick and convenient, as their staff will take care of everything for you.

It was actually my third time to visit Misibis Bay–the last two times I went were for a magazine shoot and a newspaper editorial back when I was still modeling. Those trips were several years ago when the resort had just opened. To be honest, it was nice to come back after so many years because then I got to see how much the resort has improved.

This time around, I got to stay in one of the Pacific view rooms in the newly opened mid-rise structure just beside the beach. The room offered a bright and modern design which was different from the villas, which gave a traditional tropical vibe. Both are super luxe and comfortable, but I have to say, I really enjoyed that amazing view when I woke up in the morning–it somehow made me feel like it was my first time to stay at the resort.

So, okay, I said in the title I have five reasons why you should vacation in Misibis Bay. Well, there are actually more but these are the top five things that I personally loved about the resort. I hope this helps you decide on your next travel destination.

1.) You get a spectacular view of the Mayon Volcano. It truly is a breathtaking sight, and though I’ve already seen it before, the view this time around still took my breath away. This volcano is quite famous, because of its perfectly symmetrical conical shape. In fact, it is considered to be the world’s most perfectly formed volcano because of its symmetry. It is an active volcano, which has erupted quite a few times in the past (the last ones were in 2006, 2008 and 2009-10). Seeing it from the ocean was amazing, and something I recommend you try at least once. You can rent a boat from Misibis Bay to take you to this beautiful spot.

2.) There are plenty of fun activities for the whole family. Back when I was still single, my mission whenever I would go to a beach was to find that perfect mix of relaxation (getting a tan and massages every other day) and fun (going out and partying all night). But these days my idea of fun is completely different–it is now all about wholesome family activities, like swimming, building sandcastles, jet skiing, banana boat riding, snorkeling and diving. Of course, Tristan is still too young to do some of these activities, but I can totally imagine older kids having an incredible time while at the beach. The good news is Misibis Bay offers all these and more, making it a truly fun family-friendly resort. For babies and toddlers like Tristan, Misibis Bay has a huge kiddie playroom that offers activities like drawing, painting, tie dye t-shirt making as well as full access to so many toys. Personally, I think these are great ways to keep the kiddos busy, especially around 10am to 4pm when it’s too hot to swim.

3.) You have access to a white sand private beach facing the Pacific Ocean. One of the highlights of Misibis Bay is this amazing beach that you have practically all to yourself (only guests have access to this stretch of white sand beach). That view is just unbeatable, and it is completely safe for kids. It was difficult to convince Tristan to get out of the sun, as he was busy building his own version of a sandcastle. For water sports, you can choose to snorkel, paddle board, jet ski and windsurf!

4.) You get to sleep on an amazingly comfortable bed. At the end of the day, after a full day of activities, the only thing you want is to snuggle into a cozy bed. Well, that’s exactly what you get at Misibis Bay, because their beds are just incredible. No doubt, hotel beds are my favorite, because they are just so comfortable and you end up sleeping so well. This is no exception–their beds here are topnotch.

5.) There’s plenty of space to explore. Misibis Bay is a sprawling five hectares of land that has amazing views from different vantage points. The best way to see these is by riding one of the ATVs! You can ask a guide to take you to the most scenic spots (to get gorgeous photos), and if you prefer a more adventure-packed ride, there is a much rougher trail you can go on with amazing views of Mayon Volcano.

There are still so many reasons to stay here–the food here is delicious (Filipino cuisine is their specialty), you have a choice to swim in their many pools, they have huge function rooms to accommodate weddings, reunions and other big events, and their staff are just so warm and welcoming. Clearly, this is a great place to bring the fam bam on vacation! For more information, go to www.misibisbay.com.


WATCH: #TrendingWithKelly in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur will always have a special place in my heart. This was the first destination that our show, Trending Now explored and I remember being all kinds of nervous because it was my first time to host a lifestyle/travel show. It all seems like eons ago now, especially since the show has become my very own show (hence the new title: #TrendingWithKelly). I am happy to explore KL once again, this time with a new amazing team. Watch and leave a comment below. ❤

The Day I Wore: Red ruffles

I’m a stickler for anything red with ruffles, so this top from H&M called out to me from across the showroom. I love how the color brightens my face–it has the same effect as wearing red lipstick. So I wore the top with ripped jeans (also from H&M), which I think worked well to balance out how frilly the top is. And slipped on my favorite leather sandals from Annie & Lori. These photos were taken on the Bridgeway of the Petronas Twin Towers while I was doing spiels for my lifestyle/travel show, #TrendingWithKelly. ❤ Happy weekend!

Happening today: True Value’s Annual Super Sale

Dont miss out on the biggest sale of the season! TRUE VALUE Shangri-la Mall is having its annual super sale TODAY! It is already in full swing as you read this, but good news: they will be open until midnight tonight so you still have time to shop. 3/5 of the Baby Barangay moms: me, Cat Juan-Ledesma and Bianca Santiago-Reinoso dropped by yesterday to scope out the wares and my golly, we went crazy. Everything from home appliances, kitchen wear and flatware, tools, home improvement items, car accessories, Christmas decor, and pretty much anything home-related is all discounted just for today. And discounts range from 10, 20, 30, 50, 70 to even 90% off!!! This is seriously the best time to do your Christmas shopping, and even shop for your home.

I ended up going home with ceramic pans (time to replace those scary Teflon ones we were using), organizing containers, a mandoline for the kitchen, a Philips air frier, a spiralizer (the only way we can eat pasta these days: zucchini/cucumber noodles), a glass surface protector for our glass shower (to avoid streaks and soap scum), a ton of cinnamon-scented pinecones (to feel Christmas in the home), a cold brew coffee maker for the husband and many, many more items–all at 50% to 70% off!!! Seriously, I got shocked with our bill because I was expected it to be super high. And I love that True Value offered me to pay in installment (6 months to pay) so I really wont feel it when I pay for my credit card. Super sulit! Put on your shoes and drive there NOW!!!!