How to throw a super fun laid back kiddie party


The little princesses of Baby Barangay: Liana and Nara recently celebrated their birthdays and threw the most wonderful party. Their mommas definitely outdid themselves and were able to pull off a happy, laid-back, super fun birthday party for the girls. Seriously, the kiddos did not want to leave as they had full access to a mini city (complete with pretend stores/shopping carts, cars and a bouncing castle), a building blocks play area, giant bubbles and super yummy food. Tristan had so much fun he refused to wear pants (proof it was indeed a kick-ass party haha).

Happy, happy birthday to LIANA, who turned four, and NARA, who turned two! We love you so much.

For a complete list of suppliers, click on to ❤

img_2260 img_2266 img_2102  img_2179  img_2195 img_2313 img_2208  img_2168 img_2223 img_2215 img_2305 img_2153 img_2227 img_2117 img_2125  img_2135 img_2138 img_2112                                         

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